Immigrant Welcome Centre at Silly Boat Regatta


Well, we did not sink on our maiden voyage! This is our biggest achievement, as well as getting a great amount of fun out of this exciting event.

Although the Sunday chilly wind, grey clouds and very confident and experienced neighbours were quite intimidating, the Culture Clubbers managed to collect themselves and build a steady craft crowned with our beautiful flag. We used two old pallets screwed together and four empty barrels to keep the device afloat. A last minutes design addition in form of a smaller extra barrel on the left side of the boat was supposed to make it more balanced on water. As it turned out later this also caused some steering issues as the boat got into the race, but this will make us wiser and smarter for next time.

While waiting for our turn to join the contest we enjoyed snacks and hot dogs under our tent, and met many visitors and friends who came to say hello and wish us good luck.

We walked around to see other teams assembling their vessels. Some crafts were really great examples of creativity, design, humour and engineering skills.

The excitement grew as the time to go to the starting line neared. Our team spirit was strong and determination to succeed high. We marched down to the waterfront to our theme song ‘Karma Chameleon’ by the Culture Club (come on, the 80-s rule!) and lined up with other contestants in the final heat. Well, to leave the dramatic details aside of how the race developed for us, we rang the bell last but loudest!

We were happy to be a part of this fund-raiser for Nanaimo Child Development Center, and determined to improve on our team’s performance next year!  Thanks to each and every one who cheered for us and contributed to our first appearance in Silly Boat Regatta!

Here are a few pictures of our fun day at the Regatta.

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