Volunteering at CVIMS

At CVIMS, we welcome the assistance of volunteers to help us with our vision: to ensure that immigrants and diverse peoples flourish in this community. We appreciate the wonderful work of our volunteers and are very grateful for all of their support!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with the Immigrant Welcome Centre, contact Volunteer Services.

Download a printable Volunteer Registration Form – click here

Download a printable Volunteer Monthly Time Sheet – click here

NEEDED NOW – Volunteers for the Family Match program

We need more volunteers in our family matching program! Family Matching helps support the many new Syrian families in Nanaimo begin to build new social networks and avoid feelings of isolation. A registered IWC “host” volunteer or family is matched with a newcomer family. The match is designed to introduce and familiarize newcomers with Nanaimo and to life in Canada. For example, a host family may invite an immigrant family to share in holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, introducing traditional foods and customs, or to enjoy various local activities together. Interested? Contact us to learn more about volunteering with the Family Match program.

Volunteers left

For more information contact:

Volunteer Services
Volunteer services
Tel: (250) 753-6911 Ext. 102
Fax: (250) 753-4250
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