Accent Reduction Training

Is a heavy accent a communication barrier for you?

Does your accent make it difficult for some co-workers or customers to understand you?  If your accent is holding you back from communicating effectively when speaking English, then we can help you achieve significant, life-changing results in just a few hours and with a little practice.

We are certified in the K Method© and can provide one-on-one or group Accent Reduction Training.

Learn How to Communicate More Effectively, Gain More Confidence, Achieve Your Goals

Accent_ReductionTeaching English pronunciation is something I really enjoy, but it has often been very challenging to me, and I was intrigued to find out the secret magic key to teaching pronunciation more effectively. I was, therefore, very pleased to be offered the opportunity to learn to teach the K Method of Accent Reduction. This is a course that is designed for people who experience a real barrier in their daily lives due to not being able to make themselves understood just because of their accent. It has already been successful in helping hundreds of students.

Mary Peters, Language Instructor and Assessor

For more information contact:

Jillian Yun
Language Training Coordinator
Tel: (250) 753-6911 Ext. 106
Fax: (250) 753-4250
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