Healthy Eating & Lifestyles Program

This program is for pregnant women and parents of young children who have come to Canada in the last year or two. It is presented by Nanaimo Community Kitchens in collaboration with the Immigrant Welcome Centre. Funding for this program has been provided by Island Health.

Where: Downtown Location (TBA)

Dates:  Starting mid-January

Program Information:

  • Try our 6 week cooking program
  • Learn about making healthy food for your family
  • Learn safe food handling tips
  • Try new foods – Canadian and others
  • Share your cultural food experiences – learn from each other
  • Take home food for your family
  • Prepare healthy snacks and lunch ideas
  • Learn about other community supports

Group members should know:

  • Everyone helps with cooking and clean up
  • If I miss a session, the group will expect me to call and let them know
  • Phone 250-753-7470 to leave a message or

To participate, download the registration form HERE
or contact Anita at Nanaimo Community Kitchens. Register now!

Nanaimo Community Kitchens website

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