Lesley Clarke

Nanaimo faces numerous social challenges which will continue to severely impact the most marginalized of our citizens. The Interfaith Forum hosted by the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society was a rare opportunity for dialogue amongst diverse groups in the community. Drafting solutions which are responsive to the resources available to us and needs being addressed […]

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Gord Fuller

Workshops like this not only highlight the problems faced in communities but also reinforce that solutions will only come from a coordinated effort on the part of all levels of government.  Thanks for a meaningful and powerful event.

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George Anderson

It was great seeing a group of dedicated, committed young people coming together to bring awareness to such an important issue- racism. Having worked with CVIMS really has given me a renewed sense of optimism for our generation. Thank you to the Diversity Program for spear heading this initiative and for bringing us all together […]

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Paul Arthur

All the great people I met during the last few months have been inspiring. I as well gained plenty from this experience. I feel that people have finally accepted and understood for the first time my past. Also seeing me for the person I am not the learning challenge. If the multicultural society needs anything […]

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