AH – jobseeker

I want to share a good news with you that I got a job offer yesterday and it will start this coming Tuesday. I truly appreciate you that help me so much during the past month, I don’t even know how to say it by words.

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I am so happy and learned a lot of knowledge and skills during my volunteer experience in multicultural society. The day care is such a warm place, also Sue and Vania are very patient and good teachers, which are good examples I am looking forward. I appreciate you give me such a good opportunity to […]

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Nina C

At CVIMS, I’ve attended several useful workshops on parenting.  I am currently enrolled in English for the Workplace. The program is an excellent preparation for me to enter a job market. I can not do these without the support of the daycare staff providing care for my child at the centre.

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Parenting Program participant

Great explanation, great speaker, teaching slow, speaking and pronunciation clear and slow, excellent helper.

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