Diversity Team

What is the Diversity Team?

This website was developed to encourage broad community engagement in creating a welcoming and inclusive community. It is a tool that you can use to explore the diversity in our communities. The Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society and its community partners want to hear from you so we can continue to improve this site.

Through an accessible medium that is both fun and educational, the community, individuals, agencies, institutions and businesses will be access resources, learn about diversity, hear the stories and add their own. They will also be able to able to ask questions about diversity issues that puzzle them in the “So Glad You Asked” section.

Unlike a portal to access community services, this website will serve as a clearinghouse and focal point for diversity initiatives, facilitating an effective flow of information about diversity programs, projects, tools, as well as education and training and so supporting the sustainability of community-based initiatives. It will be a place were resources themselves will be available as part of creative commons or for sale.

There is a great deal of diversity material, tools and resources ‘out there’ that is being used sporadically and only by those who are in the field or who happen to come across it. This website is already bringing together these tools and resources and will make them available for broader access, not only locally or regionally but even nationally and internationally. It also allows ‘experts’ wherever they may be found to upload their resources and encourages knowledge sharing. The interactive component also engages individuals in the important discussions around diversity, antiracism and inclusion.

This is something that has always been missing in the field of diversity – a one-stop shop on diversity resources and tools. The need for such a project has been identified for years, in discussions with our Community partners. This project is an opportunity to finally bring our ideas into reality.

No longer exclusive to professionals in the field, we recognize that all aspects of the community including business, agencies, governments and individuals bear responsibility for creating an inclusive and welcoming society and are committed to diversity.

Our web site supports their efforts by offering information, insight and creative opportunities to learn about each other, our cultures, customs and world views; learn about how to reduce the barriers of racism and understand what it means to be welcoming and inclusive.

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